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If you’re in a place where you need to take your ideas and make them concrete there is nobody better.

Reuben has an intuitive and genuine ability to come beside somebody, ask the right questions, and have them tell him their story, and more often than naught he tells it back to you in a way that expresses what you were trying to say all along in a more clear and concise manner.

Working with him we created a concrete foundation to create consistency and confidence in my business, and a system and brand identity that feels authentically me.

Matt Davis
Founder, Third Strategy

Even today I’m remembering and using knowledge gained from the coaching. This was my first formal coaching experience and it took a couple of meetings for me to ‘get with the program’.

Reuben had a calm approach that was very helpful to me, and he was very good at providing the framing to challenge me to define, or give shape, to my perceptions. I had some firm objectives going in and we accomplished all of them. But I also had long term goals and, so, the work continues even after our coaching.

I’ve had to revisit the conversations and materials from our sessions when I’ve felt the need to get centered. To make a rock-climbing analogy, the coaching experience is one of the hooks I use to get me up to the next foothold.

Loreta Villemez
Director of Data Analytics, Neighborhood Healthcare

I have relied on Reuben for my business identity. It doesn’t get more core than that. For a year, Reuben walked me through exercises that generated what would be my brand image.

Reuben is masterful because he looks from a human perspective. He is understated, which is one of his most endearing qualities. He doesn’t shout his value from the rooftops, he just keeps coming through.

My entire on-line presence and the branding that I put forth may have been implemented by others who are skilled in those areas, but who I am for the world was framed over that deep inquiry that I entered with Reuben.

An amazing journey that began with post-it notes on the bathroom door is just beginning. Thank you Reuben, for your insightfulness.

Pamela Stambaugh
President, Accountability Pays

We were having a hard time defining the customer, and how we were going to go about approaching them.

The models and insight Reuben brought to Student Empowered Education has clarified for me the directions I should move, and how I should go about doing it at both the strategic and tactical level.

He sees connections and processes that we would never have picked up on. Our discussions together have proven extremely valuable in discovering directions, concepts, and models that we would have missed otherwise. If you want to know more I’d be happy to talk to you personally.

Dr. Scott Kunkel, PhD
President, Student Empowered Education

I used Reuben before and he’s by far the best thing I have see come out of branding since the fany pack became cool again. It’s cool again, right?

No seriously, this guy is the bomb, and has a system unlike anything I have seen. We came away with clear direction and pumped about the future direction (we were lost before).

James Sol Radina
Advisor, SCHAP