a little about me

Reuben Rail HeadshotReuben Rail is a continuous innovator with a unique approach that uses modern day storytelling as a backdrop and medium for solving problems, creating solutions, and spreading them out to the target audience. Rail specializes in word of mouth marketing strategy, company identity, branding, internal marketing and change, innovation training and facilitation, and business model generation. Both solo practitioners, small businesses, and organizations have found value in his original and fresh approach to bringing more bottom line value and doing it with less cost.

After graduating with a BA in Psychology, and then moving into a Masters Psychology program, Reuben discovered his love for stories and how people use them to affect positive change. However, after exploring and reading more on the process of change he realized that working with businesses and companies was his true passion. Since then he has worked as a business coach to help working professionals and small companies become more productive, organized, and increase their client base while minimizing their costs. During this time he also went back to school and obtained his MBA in Organizational Leadership.

Reuben has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners to create and systematize organized businesses that use innovative practices to bring in new clients. He works with each client in a collaborative partnership based approach to develop specific business strategies to dramatically increase the number of repeat and referred clients. He also has substantial experience in creating low cost marketing campaigns to bring in new clients using guerilla style marketing tactics and free technology resources.

Recognizing that innovation and leadership begins with the right thoughts and questions, Reuben has also dedicated much of his personal and professional study to the interpersonal dynamics of the innovation, leadership, and value creation processes. He has led teams and been a staff trainer in the business sector and for non-profits as well. He is a certificated Mediator through the California Alternative Dispute Resolutions Program and trained in Non-Violent Communication.