Prototype – Strengths Development Canvas

personal strengths

“Talent is only the starting point.”
-Irving Berlin, American Composer and Lyricist

While there is a lot of new literature on the importance of developing your strengths I have yet to find many practical tools on how to do this – so I decided to create one.

Strengths Development Canvas – Prototype

Inspired by the great book and tool at the Strengths Development Canvas (SDC) is designed to give the user a ‘big picture’ view of their own strengths, how they are used, and to help them see the dynamics that aide/hinder their growth.

Here is my initial work up. Very plain at the moment (don’t worry – I’ll dress it up soon).

Strengths Development Canvas

Click to open larger version in new window.

If you have any feedback or suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

An updated version, along with instructions, is coming soon.

Image: KKfromBB @ Flickr